Aarogyam B Packages

Aarogyam B (56Test)



Basic Health Checkup is a Aarogyam B Package which Consists of 56 Tests and includes fundamental tests for screening of the health status Like Lipid, Liver, Thyroid, Iron, Kidney and alongwith HbA1c / CBC. Aarogyam B is one of the best Thyrocare Lab Test at a discounted price available.  This package is ideal for people aged 18 years and above.


Thyroid (3)

Liver     (11)

Lipid     (8)

Kidney  (5)

Anemia  (3)

Diabetes (2)

CBC       (24)







Actual Rate: Rs 1110/-

Discounted Rate: Rs 830/-


AArogyam C Packages

Aarogyam C (59Test)

Aarogyam C is a health checkup package that includes 59 Test and consist of very important test like Liver,Lipid,Kidney,Anemia,Diabetes,CBC and Vitamin D/B12. This the most populer health checkup package by Thyrocare Lab @Economical rate and suitable to allage group.



Thyroid (3)

Liver (11)

Lipid  (8)

Kidney (5)

Anemia (3)

Diabetes (2)

CBC (24)

Vitamin D/B12 (2)







Actual Rate: Rs 2140/-

Discounted Rate: Rs 1400/-


Aarogyam X Packages

Aarogyam X (129Test)

Thyroid (3)
Liver     (11)
Lipid     (8)
Kidney   (5)
Anaemia (3)
Ferritin  (1)
Homocysteine (1)
Diabetes (2)
Cardiac Risk Marker (5)
Blood Ketone
Insulin Fasting
Vitamin (2)
Cystatin C
Serum Zinc/Copper
Pancreas (2)
Electrolytes (2)
CBC (24)
Blood Elements (22)
Nutrients (22)


Arthritis (2)

Urine Test (18)


Actual Rate: Rs 7500/-
Discounted Rate: Rs 3000/-

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